Islam,The Only Perfect Way Of Life: Geelani


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Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G)  Syed Ali Geelani  Wednesday said that  instead of  other  ideologies Islam is the only  perfect way of  life which provides complete and lasting  solution to every problem related to humans life.

“People have no option to accept and adopt Islam, as with other ideologies humans have amassed problems and miseries accumulated for generations,” said the senior separatist leader on the occasion of world labour day, adding  that other sponsored ideologies and opinions including Communism, Capitalism and socialism have failed and even in those countries where they were manipulated and experiments stand testimony for the fact that these ideologies have only failures to their name.

Geelani while in his address to deprived classes said that they were exploited and deceived by mentors of these so called ideologies.

“Now is the time to see and have a look and sincerely  adopt  code provided by Islam  within their jurisdiction without  prejudices . People have experienced  the evils of these man made ideologies , yet  over sighted the teachings of Islam and are misled and  wandering in confusion. It is time to try it and see how the Islamic jurisprudence pave way for resurrection, peace  & stability,” said Geelani.

“Islam accords due regard and respect for humanity and provides solace to human sufferings. It is the religion where there is no discretion between the human races.Captilists have all these period exploited the deprived classes and  accumulated wealth and exploited their  skill  and time. Allah is the great benifactator and only God can provide a guideline best suited for his creation,” he added.

Meanwhile Geelani expressed his anguish and lashed out at forces.

“Palhallan being the prime target for forces have unleashed a reign of terror in the area making the life miserable there. Forces are pushing the youth to wall and it will definitely compel youth to think other than peaceful terms. The forces in Hyderbeg Pattan has made the life of youth miserable and even indulging in petty matters like law and order situation in the area,” said Geelani in his statement.

“ They are terrorising the youth and recently launched a campaign and collecting the phone details from the youth of the area,” he said and added that while collecting the phone details from two youth,Nazir Ahmad Mir and Nisar Ahmad Bhat and detained two  sumo drivers Javiad ahmad and Mohamad Maqbool and added that forcses have once again  started their movements and activities likewise  that of year 1990.

He expressed his concern that the atrocities committed by armed forcses may result to  negative consequences .

“It may lead to anarchy and  prove counterproductive and cause instability in the state,” he said.

While in his appeal to international community Geelani impressed upon for their cognizance and sought their help to impress India to honour and desist  from  callous approach and honour human values.


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