Issues Sorted With Simplex, Flyover Is On Track: Naeem Akhter


SRINAGAR: Admitting that there were various issues that the flyover implementing group was facing, PWD minister Naeem Akhter said the issues were settled with the Simplex Infrastructure.

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“There were some genuine issues and they were tackled in a meeting with the Chief Secretary and work has resumed,” Akhter said. “I am told even some funds were also released.”

The first phase of the flyover was opened early this month and the second phase is expected to be ready for use later this year. However, the implementing agency was facing certain problems which were addressed in a high-level meeting today.

The Rs 350 Crore project funded by the Asian Development bank is aimed at the de-congesting part of the airport road.

It faced time overruns because of situation, floods and strife.


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