Issuing PRCs at School Level Unacceptable: NC

KL Report


National Conference Tuesday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for deciding to issue State Subject Certificates at the school level and said this move was aimed at diluting the State Subject Laws and to subsequently alter the State’s unique demographic character.

In a joint statement, senior party leaders, MLA Budgam Aga Syed Ruhullah and MLC Panchayati Raj Ali Mohammad Dar said the PDP-BJP State Government should explain why the process of issuing PRCs is being singled out to be devolved to the level of classrooms.

“Why not birth certificates, Adhaar cards, Voter IDs and SC/ST Certificates? Why this sudden urge to remove crucial checks and balances in the process of issuing State Subject Certificates? This intervention is even more disconcerting given that BJP has traditionally advocated the scraping of the State Subject Laws that protects the demographic character of the State. Also given previous revelations of certain political parties and forces circumventing norms and regulations in issuance of PRCs in violation of law, these antics have caused a lot of apprehensions in the State,” the statement said.

Asking the State Government to explain how it would ensure non State Subjects would not be issued PRCs at the school level, NC leaders said this was a dangerous step aimed at furthering an equally dangerous political agenda.

“There are various students studying in our schools, colleges and universities who are not State Subjects. Does the PDP-BJP Government intend to issue them Permanent Resident Certificates as well? Is this their new formula to dilute J&K’s State Subject Laws? These are crucial questions that need to be answered by no less an authority in the Government but the Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed himself. He has maintained a very conspicuous silence on the issue despite alarm and out alarm and outrage by various sections of the society,” the joint statement said.

The NC leaders in their Joint Statement said that it seems PDP had also tactically agreed to BJP’s traditional demand to do away with the State’s Permanent Resident Laws during their power-sharing negotiations which were given a pretense of ideology and morality, “Has PDP given BJP a blank check to toy with the State’s special status and Permanent Resident Laws?”


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