It is a conspiracy, Qazi Yasir’s family says

by Samreena Nazir

Srinagar: Refuting all the allegations, circulating on the social media, the family members of the Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir on Wednesday said that Qazi’s image is being tarnished by the fake propaganda.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir’s family addressing a presser in Islamabad.

The family and his party workers today called a presser and briefed the media that in last few days, they have seen many renowned voices of Kashmir, have been discredited by attacking their character, and now they have attacked the pro-freedom and religious leadership.

“We don’t even know who is behind it, and with what intentions, we have no idea about his political affiliations or his supporters,”  Qazi’s brother Shubli told the media. And added: “But We have registered a legal process against those who are behind this and are hopeful that legal investigations won’t let us down.”

The family also accused a Jammu based newspaper of publishing a story based on a propaganda.“The newspaper accused Qazi of obscenity by quoting some unknown sources and some video clip.” the family claimed.

The family said that this is yet another attempt by the “pro-Indian” people in Kashmir to discredit the role of Qazi and his family legacy in the freedom struggle and socio-religious work. We strongly condemn such acts by the “stooges”, who are openly using social media, to attack people’s character by vicious campaigns. “This is a larger conspiracy to divide the unity of Kashmiris when no other tactic has worked, they said.

They said the whole family, party workers, and supporters are with Qazi at this crucial time, they will not let anyone denigrate the strong voices of Kashmir


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