It is going to hit danger mark at Sangam and Rammunshi bagh before mid-night:: Dr Romsho

KL Report


Taking dig at government, Dr Shakil Romsho, expert in earth sciences and glaciers Sunday evening posted on his fb wall that ‘govt. officials are shying away from giving the correct information.’

In his message he cautioned people not to be complacent and take necessary precautionary measures, “notwithstanding the pronouncements on part of the official machinery, we can’t afford to be complacent about the looming threat of flood in Kashmir,” he posted.

Dr Romsho also predicted that, “It is going to hit danger mark at Sangam and Rammunshi bagh tonight before mid-night.”

He further said that, “I am afraid that the incessant rains together with the failure of the dilapidated flood control infrastructure might exacerbate the flood scenario in Kashmir valley. We may have to face a low magnitude flood this week or soon after, inundating the traditional Jhelum floodplains including those in the Srinagar city.”

He believes that, “If we are lucky this week, the probability of such a flood shall increase with every passing day till September this year. This is primarily due to very high groundwater levels all over the Kashmir valley attributed to last year’s extreme flooding and the wet March.”


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