Jairam Under Himayat Offers Job To Over 1000 Youth

Bilal Handoo

1136 job letters were given to Himayat trainees trained and place in Kashmir division since October last year by union ministry of rural development on Saturday.

In the year, 2013-14, it is targeted to train 19000 youth under Himayat. To achieve this, union ministry of rural development has already sanctioned projects to 5 new project implementing agencies (PIAs) in addition to the existing PIAs working under Himayat.

“Till now, sanctions have been accorded to 9 PIAs to provide placement linked skill training to 70000 youth for skilling and employment over a period of 5 years which is the mandate under Himayat,” Jairam Ramesh, a union minister of rural development.

The Himayat scheme was initiated by the Centre after the 2010 unrest in the Valley to reach out to the youth. Under the scheme, Kashmiri youngsters are provided with professional training and given jobs in different parts of the country.

Under Himayat, the Centre is to train and place 1 lakh youth from J&K in organized sectors over a five year period (2011-12 to 2016-17). Rural development ministry has already made it clear that priority will be given to youth who are school drop-outs, have studied up to Class 10th or Class 12th, besides college drop-outs.

Ramesh informed that on a pilot basis, Block youth Resource center would be set up in 2 blocks in J&K to assess the needs of the youth in these blocks which will help us identity the career counseling requirements for the youth.

Already 420 number of Himayat trainees have worked in a job for more than one year.

“A Call Center in J&K has been set up in Srinagar to receive, acknowledge, forward, and ensure time-bound redressal of grievances faced by candidates,” Ramesh said. As of now, 45 Himayat training centers have been set up across 19 districts of J&K.

The minister already promised tablets under the said scheme to Kashmiri youth who have completed one year of work under it.

Ramesh said that so far over 5,000 youths have been provided jobs within Jammu and Kashmir as well as in other states under the Himayat scheme.

Speaking at a function under Himayat Programme at JKEDI premises, the chief minister Omar Abdullah asked the boys and girls to grab the opportunity of getting gainful employment in private companies under Himayat and Udaan Programmes.

“You have to come forward in large numbers to utilize the golden opportunity”, he told the unemployed youth, adding that despite government’s intension to absorb over 70,000 boys and girls in government service within next couple of years, the job market for another three lakh unemployed young people have to be created and find out in the private sector.

The skill- training under Himayat has been imparted for sectors like retail and hospitality. Many are also working as BPO employees in cities like Chandigarh and Delhi.

During his visit to Jammu, Ramesh announced that the stipend of Rs 1,000 per month for two months being provided to the youth placed in various companies has been enhanced to Rs 2,000 per month for six months. He said the retention rate of youth in the private companies have also shown remarkable increase and at present stands at 76.42 per cent.


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