Jama’at accuses armed forces of intervention in religious affairs.


Government forces have started a new intimidating process by interfering into religious affairs of the people in the valley, particularly in the South Kashmir. Some military officers call the organizers of the religious functions to their camps and asking various unrelated and unnecessary questions thereby causing harassment among the common masses.

The spokesman said these officers ask for the lists of participants in these peaceful and purely religious programs and those associated with the religious organizations’ which is not their concern at all but seems to be a communally biased well-designed plan to restrain the public from attending such functions under intimidation.

This is a blatant violation of the fundamental rights relating to the religious freedom guaranteed by UN Charter and all civilized laws of the world nations including India. To profess, practice and propagate one’s religion is a fundamental right’ the infringement of which is considered to be a vicious inhuman and immoral activity. Some functionaries of Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir have also been harassed without any justification by some army camps in the valley particularly in the South Kashmir and even asked to provide the list of the family members of the prominent personalities and other associates of Jama’at which is quite amazing and seems to be a politically motivated vicious plan to curb the religious affairs of Jama’at.

These provocative steps have caused a great concern among the circles of Jama’at which are engaged in the moral, educational and social uplifting of the local society on peaceful and democratic lines. Jama’at alleged that an army camp officer stationed in Aripal area of Tral has gone a step ahead as for where ever he sees any calendar hanging with Quranic verses, he forces the people to tear it and throw it out. He calls himself a staunch atheist and employs a very rough language against the religion and religious teachings particularly Islam. When anybody protests against this rude behaviour, he subjects him to humiliation using abusive language.

Jama’at-e-Islami vehemently denounces the unjustified intervention in the religious affairs of Kashmiri people by the government forces and appeals the international human rights bodies and those working in India to take immediate notice of these unabated human rights violations by the forces deployed here and to adopt proper measures to get this tyranny stopped. Jama’at is thinking over to raise this serious issue before the human rights organizations and commissions working in India also so as to get rid this barbarity.


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