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Twenty-five days after the government of India banned the Jama’at-e-Islami  Jammu and Kashmir, an ex-Jama’at member has challenged the order in the high court.

The former member of the party Mehraj Azeem challenged the order at Jammu and Kashmir High Court in a hope to get the notification of ban quashed imposed by GoI, media reports on Tuesday said.

The organisation, as per reports is peaceful and has contested both assembly and parliamentary elections with a registered party symbol.

Earlier, on February 28, Ministry of Home Affairs banned the party for carrying any kind of activity for a period of five years. They were charged for supporting “militants groups and being involved in the anti-national and subversive activities in the country”.

Syed Musaib, the counsel for the petitioner told a Mumbai based news organisation DNA that high court has issued notices to union government asking them to reply within three weeks.

The petitioner according to DNA  is challenging an illegal and arbitrary order, wherein a socio-religious and political organisation has been declared to be ‘unlawful association’ with immediate effect without specifying the grounds as is mandated under Section 3(2) of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

The grounds and the other particulars on which the notification is issued shall be specified clearly as is mandatory by law, the report mentioned.

“Grounds are not opinions or subsidiary evidence, they should comprise of facts which substantiate the notification, it should include particulars with regards to the dates of the offences, details of the FIR’s registered by the police or the details of the pending prosecution”, the petition said.

Highlighting their contributions, the petitioner revealed that Jamaat’s existence for more than six decades is only for the socio-religious well being of the society.

The petitioner told DNA that the organisation played a significant role in bringing the state back on track after the catastrophic flood of 2014 by engaging itself in voluntary work.

“The contribution of the Jama’at in the field of education and other such sectors is commendable. The said organisation had contested elections both Parliamentary as well as Assembly and has a registered election symbol,” the report quoted petitioner as saying.


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