Jama’at Chief Apologises for Inviting Er Rashid to Jammu Function

KL Report


Jama’at-e-Islami on Monday apologized for inviting Er Rashid to its function at Jammu.

Jama’at leadership was severely criticized by its cadres for inviting Rashid to speak in the function.

Succumbing to the pressure, Jama’at chief had called a special meeting of its Majlis-e-Shora which lasted for more than seven hours.

“Inviting a pro-India politician to speak at a Jama’at function was a serious blunder,” Jama’at Shora said unanimously according to a statement.

The statement said, “Taking responsibility of the serious blunder Jama’at chief apologized before the Shora members who one by one spoke on the issue and expressed serious concerns.”

Jama’at Chief also apologised on behalf of his deputy and Jama’at general secretary.

Pertinently, Er Rashid was invited to speak at a Jama’at function in Jammu on February 15 resulting in a big controversy within Jama’at.

According to sources a large number of Jama’at members had approached its head office and demanded serious action against those who were involved in inviting Rashid. Jama’at has already suspended its two members from Jammu in this regard.


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