Jamaat denounces civilian killings in Kashmir


Jamaat Islami Jammu and Kashmir vehemently denounces civilian killing by government forces throughout the valley which has created a panic among the masses and a sense of insecurity.

The spokesman said that recently two more innocent youth were killed by government forces on two consecutive days, “first Viqas at Nowpora Pulwama and another Sheeraz of Brakpora Islamabad without any legal justification.” These “gruesome” incidents have frightened the general masses as they feel their life, liberty, property and honour is at stake at the hands of these forces that have been given free hand to scuttle their basic freedoms to suppress their genuine cause and struggle.

Instead of resolving the basic issue of Kashmir, the government has started harassing and intimidating the hapless people so as to force them to raise any voice against the state-sponsored “atrocities” and give up their peaceful struggle for achieving their right of self-determination.

Jamaat Islami Jammu and Kashmir strongly condemn the “brutal murder of two innocent civilian youth unreasonably” which is gross human rights violation which the people here are facing for longer. Jamaat further appeals the International Human Rights Organizations to take cognizance of this sordid situation and exert their influence to get it stopped.


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