Jama’at denounces Trump’s decision about Jerusalem


Jamaat e Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday strongly denounced the “unjust, biased, anti-Islam and unrealistic decision” of the United States of America to declare and accept Jerusalem, one of the three holiest places of the entire Muslim Ummah, as the capital of Israel.

“The Zionist Jews have illegally and immorally occupied the land of Palestine in 1948 with the connivance of the so called world powers under a sinister design mainly formulated in 1917 resulting in the Balfour Agreement. All the anti-Islamic forces played an open role in the creation of this illegal state of Israel by forcibly evicting the native people of Palestine mostly Muslims and on resistance thousands of innocent Muslims were massacred in the broad day light and none of the so called champions raised any sincere voice against that genocide at that time depicting clearly that all the imperialistic powers were at the back of inhuman Zionists,” a spokesperson of Jama’at said in a statement.

He said that the American government played the main role in all that devastation but still then Muslim rulers are considering this fascist government as their saviour. “Now President Mr. Trump has once again cut the throat of Muslims proving thereby to be the dreaded enemy of Islam and Muslims but the Organisation of Islamic countries and most of the Muslim rulers are still hesitating to strongly condemn the American policies. The Trump administration has thereby declared an open war against Islam and as such all those Muslim rulers who support these crusaders are the worst hypocrites.”


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