Jammu Farmers Don’t Plough Fields courtesy Monkey Menace

Zafar Aafaq


Previewing Picture:  It is no monkey land. But most of them do make their presence felt in Brenwar. There are Gujjar and Bakerwal populations who live here.
Previewing Picture: It is no monkey land.

While construction boom is consuming agriculture land at a faster pace in the state especially in Kashmir region, it is wild interference in winter capital which disallows formers to grow crops in their fields.

Yes, three tehsils in Jammu’s Kathua district are impacted by the monkey population that they either destroy the crops or don’t allow farmers to use the agricultural land.

According to government estimates released in state assembly, Monkey menace impacts thousands of hectares of agriculture land in Billawar, Bani and Basohli Tehsils.

The estimate reveals that 6757 hectares of land in area has been impacted by monkey menace. Out of it, 2180 and 5477 hectares of land has remained uncultivated and damaged due to monkey menace respectively.

To keep the menace under control, the Agriculture Minister said that agriculture production department is “generating awareness among the farmers”.

The department is recommending the farmers to go for cultivation of alternative crops like turmeric, ginger, okra and marigold to reduce the chances of monkey attack on crops.


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