SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Police have invited bids from registered aviation companies for renting helicopters under a ‘leave and licence’ agreement for three years, its October 19, bid available on the GeM portal said.

The chopper is required for the faster movement of the police and the paramilitary forces deployed in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Bidder must possess two airworthy double-engine light helicopters of which one – not older than eight years vintage – can be offered on rent to the police. Details which are part of the tender suggest that the bidder will have to park the chopper at Srinagar or Jammu helipad as per the requirement. It must have the minimum capacity to lift five passengers with 10 kgs of baggage. Besides, the operator should be in a position to put immediately in place an additional helicopter in the event of an emergency or in case the regular helicopter(s) becomes unworthy of flight.

“Flight Operations are primarily required for carrying JKP Officers/officials and CAPF Officers, in all sectors of UT of J&K. The flight operations may also be required for other emergent purposes, the scope of which cannot be defined at the moment,” the document said.

Besides, the bidder will have to set up the basic medical detachment including ambulances at both the spots in Srinagar and Jammu. The document offers details of the requirements on this front.

The helicopters will be integrated into the ‘disaster management plan’ (DMP) and ‘emergency response plan’ (ERP) prepared by the police.


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