Jammu Killing: PDP-BJP Coalition Proving its Anti-Minority Tendencies, says NC



National Conference Friday strongly condemned the poor, insensitive handling by the State Government of the situation that had obtained in the city after clashes between protesters and the Police. Condemning the use of force on protesters, NC statement expressed grief over the tragic loss of an innocent life and expressed concern about those civilians who have been injured in the clashes.

“We express profound grief and sorrow over the loss of an innocent life in Jammu and our heart goes out to the bereaved family in this moment of loss. We also pray for the recovery of those who have been injured,” the NC statement said.

“There are clear indications that this situation is a direct result of poor, insensitive handling of issues by the State Government. Certain rash, confrontational statements from prominent BJP leaders in the aftermath of this tragedy clearly prove what the PDP-BJP Government’s intentions are. There response to every agitation and protest thus far has been oppressive and ruthless – be that in Kashmir or in Jammu. It is highly unfortunate that the administration has responded with a complete clampdown on internet facilities and communication. Movement in many areas has been completely restricted. The people are being punished with a clear design,” the NC statement said.

NC Minority Cell In-charge, Sardar Jagdish Singh Azad said the PDP-BJP Government had clear and obvious anti-minority antecedents and it behaviour with the minorities was a cause of concern for all stakeholders within the State.

“Rather than using mediation, negotiation and arbitration – the PDP-BJP Government resorted to provocation and use of force against the members of a particular community in Jammu. This adds to the growing apprehensions among minorities about the PDP-BJP Government’s plans and today because of this the situation in Jammu is grim and apprehensive,” the statement further said.

“We demand a thorough, time-bound probe into this death and also into the circumstances leading to the clashes. Justice should be done to the family which has lost a member to this senseless and rash handling of the situation by the Administration,” the statement added.

“We demand immediate, sensitive and sensible efforts be taken by the State Government to bring the situation back to normal in Jammu with the over-arching goal of peace and reconciliation. The anxiety and sense of resentment in a particular community should be acknowledged and they should be reassured at the highest levels. The Chief Minister needs to come out and speak on this and direct the Administration towards better handling of such situations. His conspicuous, continued silence would be viewed as a tacit approval for what is happening.”

The statement also lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for playing one cruel joke after another with hapless victims of the September floods and termed the Mufti Government as a monumental disappointment for the flood victims.

“By issuing cheques worth 47 rupees to those flood victims who have lost their means of earning a livelihood, their crops and their homes, hearths and businesses in the natural calamity, the Mufti Government has aptly given rise to the slogan that this is a ’47 Rupey Ki Sarkaar‘ and that is extremely tragic when compared to the promises made to the flood victims by both PDP and BJP before elections,” the statement quoted NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani as having said.

“Rather than exerting pressure on its ally, the BJP and the BJP-Led Government in New Delhi to approve Rs 44, 000 Crore Flood Relief Package proposed by the previous NC-Led Government, Mufti Sahab seems to be hell-bent on insulting and humiliating the flood victims at every opportunity he gets. By issuing these cheques of Rs 47 and Rs 94 rupees the State Administration under Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has clearly revealed its lack of seriousness to compensate and rehabilitate the flood victims,” he added.


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