Jammu Killing: Shah Expresses Grief, Condemns ‘Ill treatment of Sikh Community’



The DFP issued  photo about the House Arrest of its Chairperson.
The DFP issued photo about the House Arrest of its Chairperson.

Expressing deep grief over the killing of a Sikh youth in Jammu, senior resistance leader and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Friday said the BJP government in its “crusade against minorities” is depriving them of ‘right to live’.

“In the garb of democratic claims, the BJP is trampling the rights and genuine voices of minorities on gun point,” Shah, who is under house arrest since Wednesday evening in a statement issued to press, his party’s statement said.

Expressing heartfelt sympathy with the Sikh community on the unfortunate incident (of killing of youth), Shah said, “we too feel such pain and agony and very well understand India’s prejudicial attitude towards the Sikh community.”

He said that Sikhs have every right to express their devotion towards their hero Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale who was a pro-freedom leader.

“Commemorating Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale’s day every year, is an ample proof that the late leader still lives in the hearts of millions of people. Bhindrawale instead of surrendering preferred death with honour and his name will be immortal,” he said.

Severely condemning the use of force against Sikhs by police in Jammu and their harassment, DFP Chairman said the “freedom movements” can never be suppressed by “coercive methods”.

“During 1984, thousands of Sikhs were burned in India’s capital Delhi and the wounds of such bloody massacre are still afresh as people continue to remember their hero and are steadfast in their fight for rights.”

Shabir Ahmad Shah also backed the statement of Dal Khalsa that BJP as per its “communal agenda in Jammu is hell bent upon eliminating the Sikhs and Muslims there by targeting them every other day”.

Meanwhile, the DFP statement condemned the continuous house arrest of its chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah and termed it “frustration of so-called government”.

“Preventing leaders from meeting people and barring them from offering Friday prayers doesn’t scare us but it vindicates our claim that the co-called rulers are no more than daily wagers of New Delhi,” the statement added.

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