Jammu Massacre: Yasin Malik terms November 6, a black day in human history


While recalling sacrifices rendered by Muslims of Jammu in 1947, JKLF chief Mohammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday said that massacre of lakhs of Muslims at Jammu on November 6, 1947, is an ugly blot on the face of humanity and the blackest day of our human history.

JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik (File Image: Bilal Bahadur)

The spokesman said that this date represents the blackest day of human history when Lakh’s of Jammu Muslims, driven out of their homes, were killed by communal fascist forces patronized by the then Maharaja and his queen.  He said that Jammu massacre in 1947 not only reminds us of the brutal and criminal face of fascism but also the criminal silence of the international community exposing its duplicity and double standards visa vise humans and humanity.


An unrelated century old picture of Mubarak Mandi Jammu.

JKLF chairman said that the people who were massacred at Jammu in 1947 stood for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir and against the illegal military occupation of India and by killing them brutally, fascist forces changed the demography of Jammu region completely. He said that when all this was happening in Jammu, Kashmiri Muslims stood for the communal harmony as taught by Islam, and despite provocations safeguarded their non-Muslim brethren residing then in Kashmir. The sacrifices of Jammu Muslims for freedom of Jammu Kashmir are a glorious page of our resistance and no one can ever ignore or put behind these valiant sacrifices.

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