Jammu seeks support for a mosque that can shelter 4000 people during highway closure


The members of Masjid Allah U Akbar on Wednesday started seeking donations for the purchase of land to construct a mosque on Jammu Srinagar highway. The mosque is planned to be a major shelter as well.

According to them, the land costs around  Rs 3,50,0000 and the first instalment of the cost they said they will have to pay this week, the first week of the Muslim month of fasting.

They have appealed people to contribute their donations for the construction of the Mosque on the below-mentioned account number. The members of this mosque are using social media to spread the word. In one of the messages that is being widely shared on the WhatsApp, the members behind the mosque initiative have been listed along with the cell phone numbers.

Masjid Allah U Akbar

Account Number: 0704010100000307

Branch: JK Bank Bathindi Jammu.



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