Jan 5: Shabir Shah’s UN Memorandum

His Excellency,

Mr. Ban Ki Moon

Secretary General,

United Nations Organization

New York, NY, 10017 (USA)

Subject: Kashmir Seeks Attention

Dear Sir,

While people of Jammu and Kashmir observe Right to Self-Determination Day today, let me refresh your Excellency’s memory that on this day in 1949 no less an authority than the United Nations adopted a historic resolution calling for a referendum in Kashmir.

Instead of creating a conducive atmosphere to implement the UN resolutions and its proposed roadman to settle Kashmir issue, the Indian state, unfortunately, refused to behave and act like a genuine democratic country. It resorted to oppression and suppression and with a view to subjugate Kashmiris and muzzle their legitimated demand for right to self-determination, India deployed over 700, 000 military and paramilitary troops in the disputed territory that makes it the largest military concentration anywhere in the world.

The Indian role in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir over the years has resulted in the death of a hundred thousand plus Kashmiris. Whereas, thousands of un-marked mass graves, enforced disappearances; custodial and extra-judicial killings are glaring examples of Indian state terrorism. The India’s neo-colonial approach also led to widespread death and destruction and escalation of violence at an unprecedented scale in the region.

Excellency, the non-implementation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir is travesty of justice and international law whereas India’s denial to Kashmiris of their inalienable right, in the clearest possible terms, is a flagrant violation of the UN charter. The India’s intransigence and colonial approach is also contrary to the UN’s agenda of decolonization and the universally acknowledged principle of political and economic freedom for all peoples.

At this time of multiple crises, the UN has a legal and moral responsibility to settle this highly vulnerable issue that has now assumed dangerous political and military dimensions. We the people of Jammu and Kashmir look towards the United Nations and more particularly to your Excellency’s pro-active role to seek an amicable solution of Kashmir conflict.

In view of the vast spreading structures of violence and the terrible role of Indian state in occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir we appeal your Excellency to exert pressure on India to bring an end to all cycles of violence in Kashmir, release political prisoners and revoke the draconian laws enforced in the state. Restore the right of peaceful association, assembly and demonstrations and let Kashmiri leadership travel abroad without any hindrance.

With profound regards

Shabir Ahmed Shah


Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party.


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