JeI Says KP ‘Separate Townships’ Reflects Communal Mindset

KL Report


Opposing the proposed establishing of separate “Composite Townships for Kashmir Pandits”, Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir Wednesday said that the proposed move is nothing but to disturb the historic brotherhood in Kashmir.

“Kashmir has been a diverse place since ages,” JeI spokesman said. “And its beauty has always been the communal harmony.”

JeI spokesman said when communal riots hit mainland India in recent past, Kashmir was the only place where no such event took place.

“But it was Governor Jagmohan who came in 1990s and sent out a wrong and disturbing message by vitiating the environment in Kashmir,” he said.

The proposed “KP Townships”, he said, is nothing but another “RSS and BJP agenda to further breach the harmony among Kashmiris”.

“Although, Pandits were made to leave but Kashmir Sikhs and other communities felt no insecurity in living among their Muslim brethren,” the spokesman said.

Kashmir Pandits are part of this society, he said. “They should uphold the long live tradition of valley by coming back and living among the Kashmiri Muslim community,” he said.


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