Will Never Allow India to Setup Pandit Settlements, says Separatist Andrabi

KL Report


Women separatist leader and chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syedah Asiya Andrabi Wednesday said that they will “fight tooth and nail but will never allow Indian plan to set up separate colonies for Kashmiri Pandits”.

“It will be a state within the state. We are not against their (pandits) arrival in Kashmir they are welcome but will not allow them to settle in separate colonies,” she said.

Andrabi added, “Under a well planed plot Pandits fled from Kashmir, sold their properties and settled in India. If they want to return they should purchase land first and settle in their respective areas.”

Meanwhile, a day after when BJP legislators protested against providing spending ‘millions’ over the security of Andrabi said, “no pro-freedom leader in Kashmir will ever take the security from India if he listens to the voice of his conscience.”

“How can an Indian gun protect a Hurriyat leader when the same gun kills a ‘Mujahid’. If these Hurriyat leaders are fighting for people’s aspirations then they should learn to live among people without security,” Asiya told CNS adding that she flatly refused to take Indian security when then DG police offered her in 1994 when she was released from the prison.

She said that India has its own compulsions and it has to provide security to certain Hurriyat leaders.

“The security cover enjoyed by some Hurriyat leaders provided an opportunity to Indian News Channels to defame the ongoing freedom struggle. As usual Indian media is blowing the issue out of proportion while the fact is that out of 1278 protected persons 1270 are pro-Indian politicians and activists. It is an open fact that Indian media is guiding and giving directives to New Delhi what it has to do in Kashmir and what it has not to do. It was Indian media that gave Narendra Modi such hype that throughout the world people got an impression that Kashmiri people have accepted Indian occupation,” she said.


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