Jhelum Cart, Kashmir’s Homegrown Online Marketplace Launched

SRINAGAR: A Local marketplace e-commerce selling website Jhelum Cart launched their application here at Aksa Mall on Sunday. Jhelum Cart’s dedicated seller application provides sellers ease of managing their inventory and a secure platform for an improved engagement with customers. The website aims to provide a foolproof e-commerce platform, safe and enjoyable for both buyers and sellers with themes to achieve efficiency, user-friendliness and empowerment.

Jhelum Cart, Kashmir’s Homegrown Online Marketplace Launched

The application is owned by a trio of friends, Ahmed Nabeel, NaveedQadirWani and Arif Ahmed Najar.

Co-founder of the website, Ahmed Nabeel made the audience acquainted with the idea of Jhelum Cart through a PowerPoint presentation. He explained the inception of his idea and the reasons which led him and his friends to crystallize their ideas. Nabeel said, “We tend to complain a lot about the lack of opportunities; however we do not take necessary steps to create ones for ourselves and our fellow people in Kashmir, so we took a leap in the area where we found a lot of scope of doing work.”

While explaining the working of the application, Nabeel added that the interface of the application is very user-friendly which was designed while keeping in view the ease of buyers and sellers.

It has kept the internet restraints in consideration for persistent working in Kashmir, “Since e-commerce hasn’t thrived much in the Valley because of the internet restrictions, we have made the application 2G compatible. We have designed our application on sellers model while giving two separate applications for buyers and for sellers,” he added.

The application which has WhatsApp integration also provides real-time notifications to buyers, every time a seller uploads a new product, they [buyers] have followed to. The application also provides a unique opportunity of bargaining which most other E-commerce websites do not provide.

Bestseller bookshop owner, Sani Yasnain while praising the endeavor of the trio congratulated them for opening a “novel venture” in Kashmir. Yasnain explained that despite we are providing a maximum discount on the books, a platform like Jhelum cart will help us to reach out to more customers. “It is an opportunity to integrate for selling on Jhelum Cart as it will boost local business while the buying/selling market place is concentrated and thrived locally.”

Artist RoshanIllahi (MC Kash) sharing his view said that it is a matter of pride to see Kashmiri youngsters defying the odds in their place and taking strides in innovations. “It is extremely joyous to see Kashmiris competing with technology giants despite internet restriction and other de-motivating factors in place.”

The application provides sellers with tutorial sessions on the usage of the seller dashboard to upload and manage their inventory. The application gives sellers a scope to target local, national and international customers delivering products in one day time within Srinagar area.

50 sellers have signed up with Jhelum Cart so far. Some of their major sellers include KohliBorthers, Cash N Carry, Bestseller Bookstore, Shoe Universe, Black Bough, Gladsome, Apple Valley, Black Burn, Royal Life and others.

Journalist Qazi Zaid expressed his encouragement for the venture working despite harsh conditions and national competition. “There is a lot of competition in the field, however, Jhelum Cart seems very promising because of their unique design, interface and the ease of navigation they provide users with.”

Local seller of organic honey brand, Lehar, FazilBuchh who attended the launch said that the idea was identifiable to him as a seller, “With the use of this platform I can foresee my business can reach to more and more customers, I am looking forward to joining the Jhelumcart family.”

The launch was attended by local entrepreneurs, journalists and young business enthusiasts.


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