Jinnah Institute’s 3rd Islamabad Dialogue Concluded

KL Report


Impressing upon the governments in India and Pakistan to improve bilateral relations and address outstanding issues, a draft resolution outlining recommendations was released in just concluded Jinnah Institute’s 3rd Islamabad dialogue. The conference was held on July 4 -5.

The Islamabad dialogue was a result of collaboration between Jinnah institute and New Delhi’s Centre for dialogue and reconciliation. The conference which was held for the third consecutive year aims to promote peace through track ii diplomacy.

During the conference, senior parliamentarians, former military officers, former diplomats, nedia persons and policy experts deliberated on the issue.

In its joint statement, they said the cordial atmosphere should be exploited and bilateral trade commitments should be expedited.

While welcoming the resumption of back channel diplomacy, the forum urged to have more points of trade between two nations.

With a word of caution, the experts suggested that India and Pakistan must not allow Afghanistan to become another contentious biltateral issue.

The panel recommended both the countries to start partnership programs in IT, communication, healthcare, education and other important fields.

Besides other suggestions, the group emphasized that media in both the countries should report objectively to avoid jingoistic reportage.



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