J&K Bank Donates Medical Equipment to Jammu Hospitals


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In one of its major Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, J&K Bank Monday donated specialized life saving treatment machines including Computed Radiography (CR) System, five Multipara Monitors and Boyles Apparatus (Anesthesia Machine) to GMC Jammu Hospital and Super Specialty hospital. Besides, in near future the bank shall be donating ventilator and dialysis machine to the hospital for better patient-care, a company statement said.

Mushtaq Ahmad Chairman and CEO, J&K Bank handed over these state-of-the-equipments to the Principal Government Medical College, Jammu and associated hospitals in presence of J&K Bank Executive President, Abdul Hamid Banday at a function held at the medical college today.

Speaking on the occasion, the J&K Bank Chairman & CEO, Mushtaq Ahmad, announced further strengthening of the hospital by donating treatment machines like ventilators and dialysis machines in near future. He also announced installation of two ATMs in the GMC hospital and Super specialty very soon.

The chairman said, “With an aim to instill a sense of relief and protection among the most vulnerable sections of society, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of the bank maintains its special focus on improving public health and physical well-being of the people. And we feel the most effective way of reaching out to people in this regard is through the hospital that receives patients from far and wide of Jammu region,” the statement said.

Since the scope of CSR policy of companies has widened immensely in recent times, we are also broadening our agenda for deeper engagement and impact in our societies across the operational geography, he said.

He further emphasize that “we are capitalizing on the expertise of professionals and organizations pursuing various causes of social concern. GMC Jammu is one of the government run institutes through which we have been eager to extend our helping hand to the health sector.”

“We believe, these systems will certainly improve the services provided here and will contribute generously for treatment of poor and underprivileged patients suffering from serious ailments,” he added.

The Principal Government Medical College Jammu, Dr. Ghanshyam Dev, thanked the Chairman for the generous gesture under CSR to the institute.

“The specialized diagnostic and treatment equipment is definitely a big relief for patients undergoing various ailments,” he said.

Meanwhile, the medical fraternity of Jammu has appreciated the sensitivity of the bank towards academic excellence in the field of medical science, as the bank has been sponsoring national and international conferences held in various medical institutions including the state medical colleges/ institutions where expert medical faculties across the globe share their experiences with an ultimate objective to further better the healthcare facilities.


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