‘NC made PDP Popular Because of its Misrule’

KL Report


Eminent Hindu scholar and politician, Swami Agnivesh Monday said that People’s Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir thrived on the ‘tyrannical policies’ of National Conference. “Who told you PDP is the brain child of BJP. It is the National Conference that made this party popular among masses in Kashmir because the later indulged in misrule and pursued anti-people policies,” Agnivesh told Srinagar based news agency CNS adding that majority of the population in the State want to put an end to the misrule of National Conference and Congress party.

“Only positive introspection can save NC in coming years. This party always took people far-granted and its leaders were never accessible to the people. It is the misrule of NC that brought politically immature party like PDP on scene. NC had a strong foundation in Jammu and Kashmir but its anti-people policies have resulted in its decimation in the State,” Agnivesh said.

He alleged that NC ignored people and pursued such policies that only added to the woes of the people. “Instead of taking measures to take youth on board, NC intimidated them and put them behind the bars and even played with the careers of teenagers by registering FIR’s against them,” he said adding that it was Dr Farooq Abdullah who enforced POTA constituted dreaded Task Force.

“Omar Abdullah went a step ahead and acted like an ostrich when innocent killings were taking place in 2010. Omar even did not care to visit Shopian, when double rape and murder incident shocked Valley. It is apathy that during 2010, he (Omar) used his chopper for a short distance to visit injured at SKIMS in 2010,” Agnivesh said and added PDP’s short rule in the State gave people respite from repression and also gave them a sense of belonging.

Renowned social activist said that even those people who boycotted the elections want to get rid from the misrule of National Conference. “It is my personal belief that only PDP headed by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed can give a responsible government to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “People in Kashmir have suffered heavily at the hands of NC and Congress. It is time for PDP to put a balm on their wounds and eradicate corruption from the state,” he said.

Responding to a question, Swami Agnivesh said that BJP can become popular in Kashmir in coming years if it shuns communal agenda. “The Hindu zealots like Mohan Bhagvat who spew venom and convert the Muslims and Christians can tarnish the image of BJP badly in Kashmir. If BJP shuns communal agenda, a day will come when it will emerge as the single largest party in the state,” he said.

Agnivesh reiterated that people of the State have started favoring PDP as the NC leaders looted the state and indulged in corruption on mass scale. “It depicts frustration of NC when this party alleges that PDP is the brain child of BJP. The fact is that PDP created a niche of itself because NC failed to deliver the goods and added to the woes of the people. The anti-people policies of NC made PDP popular in the state,” he said.

Agnivesh further said that higher voter turnout in Jammu and Kashmir was witnessed this time as majority of the population wanted NC to disappear from the political map of the state and they freely exercised their franchise to put an end to NC-Congress coalition rule.


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