J&K Bank invites noted motivational speaker Sofi Zahoor


Jammu and Kashmir bank on Friday invited noted motivational speaker Sofi Zahoor who spoke about Role of Leadership in Current Times’ at bank headquarters in presence of Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmed in Srinagar.

“J&K Bank is one of the most respectable institutions in the country today. As leading bank in the state, you guys are doing a wonderful job of managing finances of over a million families, their businesses, education and other personal needs. And your leader is a fine blende of personal humility and professional will”, he said as per a statement by spokesperson of the bank.

While deliberating upon the subject of leadership skills, the speaker discussed ample examples regarding importance of communication, teamwork, collective intelligence towards realization of collective organizational goals.

He also added that, the paradigm shift witnessed by the global market is mainly because of extremely demanding customers, growing desire for speed in change, thin margins and granulation of market.

Citing the most critical and futuristic skills that good leaders must possess to succeed, he said as per statement,  “All the leaders who will succeed in times to come shall be best communicators besides being better at adopting technology, connecting with people and dealing with ambiguity.”

“Modern leadership is all about realizing the power of collective intelligence, which always happens by cultivating positive energies within the organization and good leaders always challenge the status quo while working in and with teams transforming professional tasks of individuals into guided missions for the collective welfare of larger humanity”, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmed extended gratitude to the speaker for sparing his valuable time and sharing his key insights about the leadership of thought and practice with his team.

The Chairman said, “Many of the things like collective intelligence that were discussed in the session are a matter of practice at J&K Bank.

Those attending the session included Executive President S S Sehgal, President Nishi Baru, Vice Presidents, Sectional Heads and other officers of the bank


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