JK Bank staff steps in to help Kerala flood victims by donating Rs 11 Cr


J&K Bank’s staff has decided to contribute Rs 11 Cr to the flood-affected victims of Kerala. Chairman & CEO Parvez Ahmed shall be contributing his two-month salary while as the staff has decided to help the flood-affected people of Kerala by donating their six days salary during this time of severe crisis.

The spokesman in a statement said that Executive Presidents contributed one month salary and other members of the top management team of the bank also reciprocated by making a generous contribution to the fund collected by the bank for the relief measures in Kerala.

Expressing solidarity with the flood-affected, Chairman said, “Natural disasters of this proportion leave a trail of devastation. They destroy people’s homes and crops, devastate lives, bankrupt businesses, and shatter the sense of safety we enjoy as humans. Having experienced devastating deluge only a few years back, we understand the miseries and are deeply saddened at the unprecedented destruction and hardship that people of Kerala have been facing in the wake of worst ever floods in the state. In these hard times, we pray for their quick recovery from the destruction caused by the floods.”


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