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Always eager to explore employment opportunities for the youth of the state, J&K Bank has been lauded for its role as an employment generator and employment facilitator.

According to statement, “It was with this spirit, and in view of the fact that nobody was coming forward to act as implementing agency for the project, the J&K Bank offered its services to act as Service Centre Agency for the Ministry of IT, Government of India’s CSC Project, a cornerstone of the National e-Governance Plan.”

Giving details, the spokesman said that having done its bit by identifying Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs), extending financial assistance to them and providing infrastructure for establishment of CSC (read Khidmat Centres), Bank has assisted VLEs turn their Centres into functional service outlets, bank also provided services like documentation of loan proposals, besides awarding, to many CSCs, Business Correspondent status to multiply their revenue receipts.

“CSC owners need to understand that Project is primarily related and even subservient to the progress on e-Governance front. More the progress on this front, more will be the services that CSCs can handle and provide, and consequentially more revenues. And what is critical is that this is the area where J&K Bank can not help,” read the statement.

“The VLEs ought to understand the Project in its entirety and the job roles assigned to various stakeholders of the project including Service Designated Agency (SDA)-State Government of J&K, Service Centre agency (SCA) -J&K Bank, Common Services Centre Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC-SPV)-Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, GoI, and Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE),” it further added.

Talking about the role, the spokesman said that J&K Bank’s role in the Project is limited and well defined.”Technically speaking bank’s role as Service Centre Agency is confined to develop, design, build, rollout and establish the CSCs.”

Pertinently, as and when the revenue support funds are released by the Service Designated Agency (SDA) of the Project, J&K Bank has immediately disbursed the same to VLEs despite the fact that revenue support would otherwise accrue to the bank. “This is done at the behest of the J&K Government, with the objective to ensure sustenance and success of the project and the VLEs. However, if the revenues are not forthcoming, there is nothing J&k Bank can do in this regard,” said the spokesman.


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