Pro-India politicians selling hot blood of youth: Geelani

KL Report


While paying tributes to the slain ‘militants’ of Khrew Pampora and Ahmad Nagar Soura, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that these youth are not sacrificing their lives for any property, benefits or status but they are fighting for the freedom of Kashmiri nation from the ‘forced occupation’ of India and the people who are supporting the pro-Indian politicians for little and meagre benefits, are not only forgetting the favours of these bold and brave youth but they are making sell out with the hot blood of the martyrs.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while stressing upon the complete election boycott, Geelani said that the participation in the election drama is equal to fastening the collar of slavery around the necks of their children and future generations of Kashmir, which lengthens our path to freedom. While telephonically addressing a condolence meeting in Khrew Pampora, which was held in the remembrance of the slain youth, Geelani said that we have sacrificed about 6 lakh lives so far and this process of killings are continuous and are happening every day.

“These youths are sacrificing themselves for the freedom of Kashmiri nation which have been forcibly snatched by India and they are not fighting for wealth, property or any post or status but they want a prosperous and free Kashmir. The Kashmiri nation is duty bound to protect these precious sacrifices and they should not indulge in any such activity which will harm this sacred cause for which these youth have sacrificed their everything.”

While terming all the pro-Indian political parties including National Conference, PDP, State Congress, BJP, People’s Conference, CPI(M) and other independent candidates who are taking part in the election drama, as the criminals of the nation, Geelani said that none of them are beneficial for the Kashmiris and whoever reaches the chair of power, left no stone unturned to harm our collective and national cause for their petty and personal benefits.

“Today, these politicians are begging for votes in the name of water, electricity and roads, but later on this exercise is sold as a justification for the forced occupation of India and India is projecting this election drama as a referendum in its favour in the international forum.


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