‘JK Being Run According to Whims and Whips of Army, Police’


Yasin MalikChairperson Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said that Indian army’s direct “threat” to people of Jammu Kashmir is a glaring example of Jammu Kashmir being run according to the whims and whips of army and police.

In a statement issued here, Malik said, “India has and is using its brutal force to keep its occupation on Kashmir intact but despite all oppressive measures and massacres Kashmiris have and will never budge before the forces of darkness and occupation. British secretary of foreign affairs should go through history first before issuing statements on Jammu Kashmir. It is the British who left south Asian peace and prosperity in jeopardy by keeping Kashmir issue unresolved.”

Malik termed the statement of Indian army in which it has been said that action will be taken against those civilians who protest against army’s “oppression”, as a direct “threat” and “intimidation” to the people of Jammu Kashmir.

He said that Indian army’s interference in domestic issues and religious affairs of people is not acceptable at all.

Malik said recently at Ashmuqam, army opened “unprovoked” fire at civilians injuring many at a time when people had assembled at a local central mosque to elect a new organizing committee.

Earlier people of the area had developed some differences on the formation of this committee which were resolved bilaterally but seemingly army did not like that and on the day when a unified committee was being given a shape, army came under the garb of searching for some wanted people and started “unproved firing” on the common people.

Yasin Malik said that people of Jammu Kashmir have been tolerating Indian army’s “wrath and oppression” from last many decades. Indian army and forces have killed more than one Lakh Kashmiris. Thousands stand disappeared in their custody. Thousands of unmarked graves are a sign of their oppressive behavior and there are hundreds of thousands who have witnessed their torture and incarceration.

He said that Indian army on one side is arranging programs of so-called Sadbhawna to befool people and on the other hand is “threatening” people of dire consequences for using their democratic right to protest.

Yasin Malik said that a nation that has withstood all this oppression cannot be “intimidated” by threats and this has yet again proved the fact that Jammu Kashmir is governed by whims and whips of army and forces and it is actually a “police state”.

Meanwhile terming the recent statement of British foreign secretary Philip Hammond in which he had said that Kashmir should not be a precondition for Pak–India talks, as unfortunate and unrealistic, Yasin Malik said that ostrich like approaches and state of continued denial cannot solve problems and issues and international community through this approach of denial has actually brought miseries to common people especially living in conflicts.

Yasin Malik said that it was the British who left Indian subcontinent with burning conflict of Kashmir. He said that British foreign minister should read history carefully as it is the British who left south Asian peace and prosperity in jeopardy by keeping Kashmir issue unresolved.

He said that Kashmir is the core issue and it is the major threat to peace and stability of south Asia, therefore anyone thinking of peace and stability in this region will have to address this issue first and foremost.

Yasin Malik said that keeping Kashmir on back burner is not acceptable as such naïveté will only lead to more disaster and chaos. He said that international community for its trade and commerce relations and interests with India is hell bent upon dishonoring oppressed people like Kashmiris and recent remarks of British foreign secretary are a glaring example of this ignorant approach. Yasin Malik said that Kashmir is the prime hindrance to the peace and stability of south Asia therefore any one talking about peace, prosperity and stability of this region will have to strive for resolving this long pending issue first.

Showing concern over the deteriorating health of veteran resistance leader Syed Ai Shah Geelani, Yasin Malik prayed for his early recovery.

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