JK Hajj Pilgrims Face Hardships In Makkah

KL Report


Scores of Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir are facing immense hardships due to “unsuitable and uncongenial” accommodation provided to them in Makkah, Saudi Arabia while the Hajj Committee of India is acting as mute spectator.

Scores of agitated pilgrims told KNS over phone from Makkah and Saudi Arabia that Hajj Committee is allegedly applying double-standards while dealing with the accommodation related problems facing the pilgrims of Jammu and Kashmir.

Accused Hajj committee of India for all the mess Hajj pilgrims complaining of poor facilities at Makkah. They said they have been put up in hotels far away from Harm-e-Shareef.  “Despite being registered in Green Category authorities have given me Aziza category and the facilities are poor here. We have to walk miles to reach the place of worship. Ironically we are being provided sub-standard food,” Hajj pilgrim Firdous Ahmad, told KNS over phone from Makh.

“We have apprised the concerned officials about the problems but they are acting as mute spectators and unfortunately no one is here from state Hajj committee to sort our problems,” he said.

The Hajjis also complained of lack of transport facilities.  “The arrangements are worse. Even the transport facility is not given according to the category we had applied for,” he said.

When contacted Hajj official told KNS that the pilgrims are not facing any problems.

“The pilgrims do not face any major problem in Makkah. As far as providing transport is concerned the facility is not for Green Category.  Our teams deputed there will sort out the matter,” he said. However he maintained that the accommodation for Hajj pilgrims is not provided by the State Hajj Committee but Hajj Committee of India.  We have nothing to do with the accommodation.KNS


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