J&K Has 484901 Employees, 108412 Are From Reserved Categories



A KL file Image
A KL file Image

J&K government on last Tuesday revealed that it has a total employee force of 484901. It, however, does not include the corporations, and civic authorities that government owns fully.

School Education is numerically the most populous department of the state. It has 149554 staffers running its vast network of schools. It is followed by home department which has numerical strength of 88707, mostly the police men. The government has not listed the SPOs which are temporarily affiliated with the police lacking any fire and hire policy.

However, what is interesting is that 108412 individuals who are employed by the state government fall under various reserved categories. School Education top the reserved list with 42993 individuals followed by 17831 in home department and 11904 in Ladakh Affairs Department.

Of the reserved categories, it is Reserved for Backward Areas (RBA) topping the list with 46270 employees, followed by 34721 Scheduled Tribes (ST) employees. J&K has 17350 Schedule Caste employees followed by 5369 from areas closer to LoC and 4702 employees from other social classes.

Nearly half of the positions in government services and admissions to professional colleges are reserved for various categories. Off late, the High Court has banned any promotion on basis of the reserved background saying it kills the merit. The government is yet to formally adopt the direction though no promotion has taken place on that basis after that.


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