J&K Is Among 5 of the World’s Most Worrisome Disputed Territories

Tasavur Mushtaq


The list of disputes underway that involve territory is long and ever-changing. According to the study, when it comes to territorial disputes across the globe, there are now more than 150; mostly in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region, but also in Europe and the Americas.

As reported by National Geographic, Jammu and Kashmir  figures among the five of the World’s Most Worrisome Disputed Territories. Not only this, among the rest, Jammu and Kashmir is considered to be long-simmering.

Jammu and Kashmir figure at the number three spot, while others include disputes of Crimea, East China Sea, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, and West Bank and Western Sahara

The National Geographic reports that “Jammu  and Kashmir , former princely state of India and Pakistan (once part of the British Empire, now part of India, Pakistan, and China) has been disputed since the British relinquished control of the subcontinent in the 1940s.”

It adds that, “a heavily militarized, 450-mile-long (724-kilometer-long) Line of Control has long pitted Indian and Pakistani forces against each other in this contested Himalayan region. The stakes were raised in 1998 when Pakistan started to catch up with India technologically and both countries publicly tested their nuclear weapons. In some ways that escalation, however, may be part of what is containing the crisis.”

Commenting on the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, Richard Haass, an American diplomat and president of the Council on Foreign Relations, points to the specifics of the crisis, saying,  “In many cases, these disputes simply linger. It becomes politically too difficult to compromise and militarily too dangerous to press your case.”

Benji sun, political observer says that Jammu and Kashmir is “stupid mess left by the Brits in Kashmir”


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