JK Issue A Living Reality, Ignoring It Is Like Ignoring Light: Malik

KL Report


“Our peers, saints, spiritual leaders showed us the way of wisdom, tolerance, struggle and steadfastness. We have forgotten the teachings of these spiritual leaders and because of that are suffering in our daily lives,” chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik said while addressing a gathering at Khankah-e-Mohalla shrine today.

According to a press statement issued to a local news agency, KNS, a spokesman of the Front said that like previous years, Malik visited the Khankah to pay homage and expresses his gratitude towards the great Peer who actually taught Kashmiris the way of living with dignity and pride.

In his speech, the spokesman told KNS, Malik said Hazrat Shah-I-Hamdan Ameer-I-Kabir (RAH), not only led Kashmiris on the religious and spiritual front but gave them much needed economic freedom. “It was this great thinker and spiritual leader who besides providing us the much needed religious and spiritual teachings also taught us various trades and crafts. He led us to a stable economy and self sufficiency.”

Malik regretted that Kashmiris have ignored the teachings of our great spiritual leaders and are today facing a miserable life. “He said that we have lost the economic freedom granted by this spiritual peer and our youth are today after government jobs.”

Malik also appealed for religious tolerance and Maslaki brotherhood among Muslims and said that promoting mutual brotherhood is the only solution that can eradicate our miseries.  Malik said that our spiritual leaders taught us brotherhood and love and never indulged in any kind of sectarian disputes and we who believe in these leaders should also show restraint and tolerance.


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