JK Police Asks People Not to Pay Heed to Rumours


SRINAGAR: A video showing a Bolero vehicle with plain-clothes men carrying weapons went viral triggering panic among people, thereby prompting the police to clarify that the vehicle was ferrying the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel.

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Some people shared a video on Facebook and other social media platforms questioning security for allowing such a suspicious vehicle with armed men on board with number plate hidden by a newspaper piece.

“As confirmed the vehicle in the video was carrying the CAPF personnel and some social media handles unnecessarily try to create panic among general masses and spread misinformation,” said a police spokesman.

The spokesman said that people are advised not to pay heed to rumour and fearmongering.

As per sources, the number plates of vehicles carrying security forces are covered.

Jammu and Kashmir Police earlier on Wednesday issued an ”alert advisory” in the Jammu region, urging the residents to stay vigilant regarding the movement of suspicious individuals and objects.

They have advised the residents of Jammu and Rajouri to thoroughly check their vehicles before turning them on, the officials said.


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