Children’s cultural exchange programme held at Tagore Hall


The Jammu & Kashmir Association of Social Workers (JKASW) on Wednesday hosted a Children’s Cultural Exchange at Tagore Hall Srinagar. Around150 children and their parents from different localities of Srinagar district and intervention areas of JKASW’s took an active part in the event.

JKASW Hosted Children’s Cultural Exchange at Tagore Hall Srinagar

The statement said that the host of the Festival, JKASW, supported by UNICEF & ACTION AID works for the protection of child rights who belong to marginalized and disadvantaged communities. Its outreach programs are designed to provide meaningful interaction and help those children who need it most.

The theme of the event was “Child Rights & Child Protection”. The event was designed and hosted to provide an opportunity for children to display their hidden talents. The highlight of the event was the first half where 100 children showcased their talents through skits, puppet show, cultural activities highlighting children’s views, expressions, opinions, dreams, and triumphs.

“The festival saw a huge gathering of representatives of many NGO’s, community heads and stakeholders, activists, academicians, and students,” the statement said.

“Besides these, prominent government officials among those were Mission Director ICPS J & K, G.A. SOFI who applauded the efforts of JKASW/UNICEF/ACTIONAID and their work on child protection. Furthermore, he said that NGO’s have a critical role in improving the child protection scenario in Kashmir by working in collaboration with the department,” the statement said.

He also said that the Directorate of ICPS is making serious efforts to achieve the goal of child protection in the state. The programme was also attended by Justice Hasnain Masoodi- Chairman Selection & Oversight Committee ICPS, J & K. Justice Masoodi who applauded the organizers and further added that government is very serious in creating structures for child protection in the state. However, he stated that NGO’s like JKASW and government need to join hands for speeding up this process.

While thanks to the entire team of JKASW, Prem Ranjan Manager IPD Action Aid India said that “These kinds of programmes promote the need for ensuring rights and welfare of children and is very much needed in this state where children do face a lot of distress because of various other political action.”

“The participants also applauded the effort of JKASW to give children a larger platform who put forward their views and opinions and were of the view that such events shall be held regularly as they are the right forums where children can be themselves, enjoy and at the same time highlight the issues they face on day to day basis. The event ended with the signing of pledge wall by participants and invitees to uphold the right of children and to ensure everlasting change for children of Jammu & Kashmir,” the statement said.


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