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Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressed his anguish over the worsening condition of Kashmiri prisoners in various jails, within and outside jammu and Kashmir.

“The continuous torture, ill behavior and atrocities against these inmates are a clear violation of Geneva convention,” Malik in a statement issued to GNS said.

He said the hardships faced by Kashmri prisoners especially those who are jailed for life is very alarming.

Citing the case of an elderly Kashmiri prisoner Mehmood Ayoub Topiwala, who has been in Tihar jail since 16 years, JKLF chief said this prisoner is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, “but from 2010 he has been even deprived from the important lifesaving drugs.”

“Inmates in jails are asked to pay bribe for medical care and lives of many inmates who languish in these jails are at stake due to the ill behavior of jail authorities,” Malik added.

He said the Kashmiri prisoners in Jodhpur jail also are facing torture on daily basis. “In many jails across India, prisoners are being used as forced labors and jail authorities and rulers directly responsible for this ill behavior of prisoners.”

“JKLF condemns this attitude of rulers and appeals to the Amnesty International and International Red Cross to take note of this serious issue,” Malik in a statement added.


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