JKLF condemns house arrests of separatist leaders  


Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik was arrested by police on Thursday early morning to prevent him from leading protest demonstrations.

The spokesman said that a large contingent of police cordoned his residences in the wee hours of today morning, arrested him and shifted him to the kothiBagh police station.

While strongly condemning the arrest of Yasin Shaib, JKLF spokesman said that to halt peaceful protest, arresting Malik and placing other leaders under house arrest has become the loving hobby of police and authorities. He said that imposing restrictions to suppress people’s voices is no democracy but worst kind of dictatorship which rulers are practicing under the garb of so-called biggest democracy.

Terming the crackdowns in Shopian, Pulwama, Kulgam and other parts of Kashmir valley , as worm of violence, JKLF said that beating and torturing common people without the discrimination of age and gender, vandalizing and destroying their properties , arresting young boys and torturing them, humiliating elders and community leaders has become an order of the day which is highly condemnable.

JKLF said that intimidating slogans and statements of Indian rulers and fascist politicians and killings, torture, arrests, vandalizing and other measures by the army, forces and police cannot suppress, finish or even weaken our resolve for freedom. These anti-democratic acts only shame government claims of being the biggest democracy and can in no case defeat our valor and desire for freedom.


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