JKLF holds candlelight protests at Budgam, Zaina Kadal



Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leaders and activists along with other people this evening held candlelight protests at Pathan-Pora in Budgam district and Zainakadal here against the ‘human rights violations’ in Kashmir’.

JKLF holds candlelight protests at Budgam, Zaina Kadal

“Despite police crackdown, arrests and intimidations, leaders and activists of JKLF along with people from different walks of life today gathered at Pathan-Pora Budgam and Zaina-Kadal here and held candlelight protests against human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir,” a JKLF spokesman said in a statement.

“Raising slogans against human rights abuses in Kashmir, protesters asked the international community to stop this inhuman apathy against Kashmiris,” the spokesman said.

“While condemning the continued incarceration of ailing JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, protesters also condemned the arrest of Mushtaq Ahmad Wani of Ganderbal and police raid on another activist Fayaz Ahmad at Khanyar Srinagar,” he said.

“World is celebrating international human rights day, Seminars and programs will be held on human rights of humans and humanity but Kashmir is today burning and Kashmiris are being brutalized by Indian aggression but no one is uttering a word against this inhuman behavior of India in Kashmir which is most regrettable,” the spokesman quoted the incarcerated JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik as having said in his message from incarceration.

The spokesman quoted Malik as having said that the way peaceful candlelight protests against human rights abuses in Kashmir have been dealt with iron fist by Kashmir police proves the fact that Jammu Kashmir is a police state run according to the “whims” and wishes of police and forces.

“From south to north and east to west, Kashmiri valley today is smoldering under Indian oppression as young and old Kashmiris are falling to the bullets and houses of poor and destitute are being blasted or burnt down by Indian democracy in the name of CASO and military operations,” the spokesman quoted Malik as having said.

JKLF chairman said that recent upsurge in “state terrorism” unleashed against Kashmiris is more worrying as it has crossed every limit post-UN human rights report on Kashmir. He said that UN report on Kashmir human rights was welcomed by all but needed a strong follow up to stop “Indian aggression” but the lack or delay in that follow up has actually emboldened Indian rulers who treat Jammu Kashmir as their conquered colony and deny its residents their basic human rights.

“Terming the carnage at Mujgund in which more than half a dozen residential houses were damaged during the gunfight and dozens of families have been left roofless in these coldest days and nights,” JKLF chairman said, adding that “Mayhem at Mujgund is actually a minuscule example of Indian aggression in Kashmir.”

“Indian forces and police equipped with political patronage and defended by black laws like AFSPA are ordered, deployed and used to kill Kashmiris, burn down and blast residential houses, main and humiliate humans at will, arrest, and torture with impunity and inflict choicest miseries to common Kashmiris,” the spokesman quoted Malik as saying.

“The ongoing carnage in Kashmir by forces and silence of the international community over it can only be termed as cold-blooded,” the spokesman quoted Malik as having said.

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