JKLF pays tribute to late Kabir ‘Chacha’, says he kept ‘flame of resistance alive’



Father of Sheikh Abdul Hamid represented the sentiment of his son as Sheikh Abdul Kabeer always remained busy with his social work and philanthropy, this was stated by JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing a gathering at Sideeq-abad (Danderkhah) Batamaloo on Sunday during the congregational prayer gathering for Late Sheikh Abdul Kabeer.

JKLF spokesman said that a prayers meeting was also held in Islamabad Pakistan in this connection which was headed by senior vice chairman JKLF Abdul Hameed Butt and was attended by various members of the supreme council in which tributes were paid to the late ‘Chacha’.

JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik addressing congregational prayer meeting at Batmaloo

While recalling the struggle and sacrifices of Sheikh Abdul Hameed and his family especially his late father Sheikh Abdul Kabeer, Malik while addressing the congregational prayers meeting said that “being father of Shaheed-I-Hurriyat, late Sheikh Abdul Kabeer represented a glorious history of struggle and sacrifices” and added that “Sheikh Abdul Hameed after his release from jail in 1992 strived for unity and actually succeeded in forging unity and ending the ongoing internal group clashes at that time.”

“His act of unifying Kashmiris was not liked by the state of India and uniting his nation became his biggest offense in the eyes of enemies who launched a full-fledged war against Shaheed Sheikh Abdul Hameed and martyred him within three months along with many other top leaders of JKLF at Aalikadal in 1992,” said Malik.

Malik said that unity, oneness, humble behavior and social work were some main features of late Abdul Kabeer who along with his family tolerated jails, tortures, raids and much more but never showed any sign of fatigue and kept the flame of struggle and resistance high till his last breath.

Other Speakers also hailed the passionate social work and philanthropy of late Kabeer and said that he and his families struggle and sacrifices can never be ignored by any Kashmiri.

At the end, congregational prayers were held for the deceased.



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