JKLF Starts Raising Fund For Earthquake Victims, Rs 5, 29000 Collected Today

KL Report


During the first day of campaign for raising funds for the earthquake victims of Doda, the JKLF for the first day collected Rs 5 lakh and 29 thousands.

As per a statement the campaign will continue for some days after which the relief will be distributed among the victims. Thanking people who participated in the campaign today or have pledged to provide relief, Yasin Malik has said, “Today our brothers and sisters in Chinab region are suffering at the hands of a natural calamity. These people are facing hard difficulties and troubles and even their lives have been put on stake. In this hour of need these people are looking towards their brothers in Kashmir. Today Allah has put us in a test about our kith and kin in Doda.”

Malik has also said, “Whenever anybody suffered at the hands of nature, we tried to provide them help and today when our own are suffering we cannot remain Lenient and shy away from helping them.”

 The JKLF chairman hopes that Kashmiri’s will open their hearts and contribute for this human cause, reads the statement.


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