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Shabir Ahmad Shah
Shabir Ahmad Shah


The incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Tuesday termed the statement of National Conference (NC) patron Farooq Abdullah as “contradictory”, saying on one hand he (Farooq) acknowledges the need of resolving Kashmir issue and on other reaffirms his age-old stand by suggesting the autonomy as solution.

In a statement, Shah said Farooq Abdullah’s speech is “dubious” as “on one hand, he directs his associates to make youth aware of the significance of Article 370 and autonomy and on other offers support to the Hurriyat Conference and those associated with the resistance camp. He (Farooq Abdullah) should unambiguously declare his way of ‘resistance’ regarding the future of the State”.

Shah said if NC patron is true to his words, he should resign from the Assembly and other government posts and “we’ll together fight against the occupiers for the resolution of Kashmir dispute”.

“During the ongoing Intifada, we had invited the pro-India parties to join the resistance movement. It would be our pleasure if National Conference and its leaders will join hands with us to take the ongoing movement to its logical conclusion. We’ll bury our past differences,” he said.

The DFP chairman said Farooq Abdullah must realise that “we’re duty-bound to pursue the mission of our lakhs of martyrs”. “The resignation of National Conference members from Assembly will garner the international attention towards Kashmir dispute and this would also be clear that your actions are bereft of any political gains and that you’re true to your claims,” he said.

“Our freedom movement is not aimed at installing or overthrowing any government but to accomplish the mission of those who sacrificed their lives to liberate the nation from Indian forcible occupation,” he said.

Shah in his message to pro-India parties said, “You must realise that your assistance to New Delhi emboldens the spirit of Indian forces to commit further grave human rights violation in Jammu Kashmir. New Delhi misleads the world community by claiming that parties like National Conference are in favour of accession to India.”


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