Joining PDP These Days Is Like Touching Live Wire, Says Mehbooba

SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister and People’s Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti launched a scathing attack at the Centre over what she termed “its failure to improve the ground situation” in Kashmir.

Abdul Majid Mir, Shangus, joins PDP on November 8, 2021

Mufti was speaking on the joining of the former NC lawmaker, Abdul Majeed Mir to PDP, Monday afternoon. “It isn’t easy to join PDP these days. It is synonymous with touching a live wire.”

While addressing the people she said that the prevailing conditions have suffocated people to the extent that it had become difficult to even breathe in the current environment.

“We had hoped with Home Minister’s visit, things might ease a bit, but the restrictions became more stringent after his visit,” Mufti said.

Questioning the Centre over its decision of sending additional security forces, Mufti said, “Sending additional CRPF and security into our marriage halls and hospitals is not the answer. They are forcing these CRPF men even into our nostrils,” Mufti warned adding that it will not achieve anything.

She said that there was hope that restrictions would be eased with the visit of the Home Minister. “But during his visit, hundreds of youth were sent to Agra and other jails. During the India Pakistan cricket match, cases were slapped against our youths studying at Agra and elsewhere.”

She asked the Centre to identify the root cause behind why Kashmiris are cheering for Pakistan instead of filing cases against them.

Reflecting on Mufti Sayeed’s decision to join hands with BJP in 2014, she said that her father had hoped that the peace process that was started during Vajpayee’s tenure would be taken forward. “He had gotten written assurances from them that Article 370 would not be tampered with.”

“People shouldn’t think that 370 is gone. It took BJP 70 years to do away with it, even if it takes us 70 months, but we will take it back. If something is given with consent, then it is another matter but if it is stolen from you, then it has to be taken back and with interest,” she said.


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