JRL calls for complete shutdown on August 15


Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) has appealed for a complete shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir on August 15.

The JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Yasin while calling for the shutdown appealed to the people to observe August 15 as “black day”.

The Leadership said while on one hand, India will celebrate its Independence Day on August 15, the military might will be again on a display in Kashmir where genuine rights of people are being trampled, actually punctures the hollow claims of India being world’s largest democracy.

“The Leadership said that killing innocent people, maiming youth and vandalising properties doesn’t suit a nation celebrating its Independence,” JRL in a statement said.

“The Leadership said that Delhi through its lakhs of forces is muzzling the voices of freedom in Kashmir and people especially young lot is being selectively killed every alternate day,” the JRL statement said.

“The leadership said that on August 15  resistance leadership will be either caged or placed in various jails in a bid to crush the dissent and entire valley will be turned into a military fortress for the day and people’s right to live too will be snatched which will be the worst form of State terrorism,” they said.

The JRL  in a statement said that the present leaders at  Delhi have completely forgotten that none other than their former prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru had promised at the historic Lal Chowk of Srinagar that people of Kashmir will be provided with the ‘right to self-determination’.

They said, “the present dispensation at Delhi is, neck deep in the lust of power  and military might, that it only knows the policy under which Kashmiris are butchered like animals and the all the principles of humanity thrown to the wind.”

“Checkpoints have been erected at various places to instill fear among people and population is being harassed,” they said.

JRL said that students of government, as well as private institutions, are being forced by Deputy commissioner’s and Municipality office’s to participate in Aug 15 functions.

“Employees are being forced to be part of these functions,” JRL said.

“India is trying to hide the reality from the world community by downplaying the people’s anger and resentment against the illegitimate rule of Delhi,” they said in a statement.

They said, “Delhi won’t succeed in its nefarious designs and can’t keep the world community in dark for long as it should read the writing on the wall that one day it has to bow before the will of people of Kashmir who are rock solid towards their mission of right to self-determination.”

“it’s high time for Delhi to take concrete steps to resolve the vexed issue of Kashmir for the larger interests of people of the subcontinent,” said JRL in a statement.


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