JRL urges people to observe human rights week from Dec 3 to 9


Joint Resistance Leadership comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and incarcerated Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday termed the present situation in Kashmir extremely alarming as uninterrupted killings, mass arrests, blinding and maiming including of toddlers as an eye opener for those who believe in India being the world’s largest democracy.

Joint Resistance Leadership comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Mohammad Yasin Malik

The spokesman said that the way GoI and its installed “stooges” unleash state terror on people of Kashmir which is akin to “genocide” of a people, it is time that every segment and section of our subjugated society forges greater unity among themselves to fight New Delhi’s onslaught in unison and highlight the situation before world.

In a joint statement, Leadership said that repression in Kashmir is one of its kind that has a parallel in what is happening in Palestine, as GOI takes a cue from Israel in new forms of violence. Lakhs of forces stationed here kill youth with impunity expressing satisfaction as they conduct the infamous cordon and search operations barging into homes, killing the youth, thrashing inmates irrespective of their age bombing the house to the ground.

Leadership said that In order to attract world attention towards the extremely grim HR situation in Kashmir and to show people severe resentment against it, Leadership urges people to observe human rights week from December 3 to December 9.

In this connection candlelight and torch procession outside all the masjids and shrines and in every locality and town across Kashmir after Maghrib prayers should be held each day of the week. Black flags and banners should also be hoisted.

The Leadership urged members of civil society, Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce, Traders Federation, Employees Unions, social and political organizations, religious groups, and transporters to stage a protest at their own level each day from December 3 to December 9.  The Leadership also urged the religious scholars, Imams of shrines and masjids across Kashmir to raise their voice against repression and to make a fervent appeal to the world community to intervene and build pressure on New Dehli to stop the grave human rights violations in Kashmir.

The Leadership urged the world peace organizations, the international community, Amnesty International Asia Watch, UNHRC and ICRC to take note of the Kashmir situation where innocent people are subjected to various forms of torture and build pressure on New Delhi to stop the grave human rights violation forthwith.


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