July 13 Function: ‘BJP’s Absence Attempt to Insult, Disrespect our National Heroes’



Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Monday expressed its deep concern on the absence of  BJP ministers from the official functions to commemorate the Martyrs of July 13, 1931.

In a statement, KCSDS termed it as an attempt to insult and disrespect the state’s national heroes. The civil society group urged both partners of the coalition government to explain as how a state government perspective and programme regarding these Martyrs  could so blatantly be violated by one of the partners and still continue to rule the people of the whole state.

“The struggle to get rid of an oppressive autocratic regime of the Maharajas was not a Kashmiri Muslim struggle alone; it was  struggle of the people of Jammu & Kashmir state, irrespective of their religious beliefs and ethnicity. It is a historical fact that not only Muslims but even Pandits and other communities were part of that struggle. It was a struggle for democracy, dignity and justice,” the KCSDS statement said.

“The 13th July massacre was not a massacre of a people belonging to one particular faith; it was the massacre of the collective quest for freedom and democracy of the people of J&K state. The reason BJP’s non participation in today’s state event is a disrespect to the state’s shared political legacy is because they have chosen to disrespect a state event; not a party event. 13th July is a state holiday, marked by a state event, irrespective of the parties in power. A party which is in power and has taken oath by the state constitution is supposed to respect this state event,” the statement said.


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