July 13 Is A Historic Day In Our Resistance History: Malik


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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday said that July 13, 1931 is a historic day in “our resistance history, as it was on this day when Kashmiris with unity and steadfastness started their struggle for independence from occupation, family and one man’s rule, dictatorship and all kinds of suppressions.”

“Kashmiris sacrificed their blood and made this day a historical and monumental day,” Malik said addressing a huge gathering at Shopian on Friday.

Accompanied by other JKLF leaders, Malik reached Shopian where they were greeted by a large gathering.

After Friday prayers a mammoth procession led by Malik was taken out from which reached the central square of the town. Participants of this huge and dignified procession raised slogans in favor of freedom, martyrs and resistance. After reaching central chowk the procession turned into a public meeting which was addressed by several JKLF leaders.

While paying rich tributes to martyrs Malik said that the history of martyrdom started from July 13 1931, when people of Kashmir refused to accept slavery, dictatorship, one-man and family rule and started a new journey towards freedom and prosperity. “Kashmirs defeated the dictatorial ruler’s called Maharajas but because of our ill fate and misfortune, the defeated maharaja’s were replaced by new kind of maharajas and maharani’s. These new kings and queens wearing the gowns of  democracy proved much worse and for the lust of the power and state these new kings and queens drove this poor nation to another Slavery,” he said.

Malik said that the psychological tweak between old kings and dictators and these new kings and queens is such that “our new kings and queens have even chose to live in same palaces, huts, jungles and areas which were once residences of old maharaja’s.” He said that these new kings and queens who are often seen deceiving common people with their democratic Robes must bear one thing in mind that Kashmiri’s by their struggle defeated and threw out old Maharaj’s in 1947 and by the grace of Allah almighty are capable to defeat these new Maharaja’s also.

Malik claimed that the rulers that followed old maharajas are responsible for continued enslavement. “These people who are today seen celebrating martyrs day are actually responsible for the martyrdom of our one lakh people, for the lost chastity of our honored mothers and sisters, for thousands of unmarked graves, for the disappearance of our thousands of person in custody, and for custodial killings and destruction of properties  in Kashmir.”

He said that Kashmiris have put forth before the world examples of highest degree of tolerance and a remarkable transition from violence to non violence. “So far world has failed to acknowledge and appreciate this positive change and Kashmiris have met brutal force and killings’ only. But it is high time when world should acknowledge the importance of this struggle and make efforts to resolve Kashmir on priority basis,” he said.


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