K-Statements of So-Called ‘ISIS’ Only to Help India: Geelani



Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

While commenting over the Kashmir statement of so-called “Islamic State” named organization, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani said that there are no chances of the presence of “Daesh” in this region but these kinds of statements “can provide a tool for India and they will try in every possible ways to defame the just and genuine struggle of Kashmiri people in the entire world”.

While questioning the claims of “ISIS”, Syed Ali Geelani said that if this organization would have any right direction and right planning, then being present in the Middle East, its first and foremost priority would have been the liberation of the Qibla Awal (Masjid-ul-Aqsa) from the Israeli occupation and they would have approached for help to the subjugated people of Palestine who are facing the crude and worst aggression of the terrorist state of Israel since last more than 6 decades.

In a statement to KNS, Hurriyat (g) chairperson said that the Kashmir issue is a long pending dispute since last 7 decades and “India is forcibly occupying this region with the help of its military might” instead of this ‘ISIS’ is the two or three years old organization and during this period with the existence of ‘Daesh’ the whole Muslim world have got engaged in the fight within and the followers of one Allah and one Prophet are mercilessly killing each other.

“India is trying hard to link the freedom struggle of Kashmir with the terrorism and the Kashmir statement by the ‘Daesh’ at this moment is very meaningful and there appears more dangerous strategy behind the curtain,” he said.

“The policy makers of New Delhi have already started to play the ‘Daesh’ card against the Muslim youths in India and now they want to extend this circle to Kashmir so that it will serve as a cover to the atrocities and war crimes of its forces which they are committing against the innocent and unarmed Kashmiris and the world community will get diverted from the main issue,” Geelani added.

‘No Chances of Daesh presence in This Region,’ says Geelani

Reacting over the statement of ‘Daesh’ against the Pakistan and its Army, Geelani said that there has been some weaknesses and leniency on the part of Pakistan regarding the Kashmir dispute and “we at times also point out those mistakes but it never mean that Pakistan is against the freedom of Kashmiris and it any way accepts the forced occupation of India over this region”. “Pakistan has immensely suffered for supporting the Right to Self Determination demand of Kashmiri nation and due to which this country got parted into two. It is only the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Army of this nation who are openly and fearlessly supporting the freedom of Kashmiri people so there is no truth in this notion that the Pakistan is using the Kashmiris.”

While commenting over the recent statement of Israeli prime minister in which he had said that “I will prefer “ISIS” over Iran”, Geelani said that the stand of “Daesh” or “ISIS” regarding Palestine is vital and best source to find out the reality and position of this organization and this issue also sheds a thorough light over the hidden motives, objectives and techniques of this organization. “Not only this that the ‘Daesh’ does not consider the struggle of Palestine people as Jihad but when Israel was spilling the blood of innocent children of Gaza, the fighters of ISIS’ (who were present at the border of Palestine and Israel) doesn’t fired a single bullet towards the Israel and nor did they opened their mouth over the Israeli bombings in Gaza.”

Geelani said that the establishment of Khilafat (Islamic State) is the dream and desire of every true Muslim of the world but there are lots of questions and queries over the existence and actions of “Daesh” or “ISIS” which have no reasonable answers.

“The peace and stability in the world is the prime and basic goal of Islam and the level of respect and the protection which the Islam provides to the human lives is impossible to find anywhere else,” he said.

Geelani said that the fight between the Shias and the Sunnis over the small differences had so far failed to establish the Islamic State in the world but it had definitely succeeded in the implementation of the plans of America, Israel and other imperialistic powers which they have hatched against the Muslim world. “The Muslims all over the world are killing each other and the Israel like terrorist countries are watching all this as the spectators.”


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