Karnah residents continue to protest in Srinagar

Srinagar: The residents of the Karnah area of the district of Kupwara on Tuesday held a protest demonstration outside press colony, Srinagar.

Scores of the protestors assembled outside press colony demanding the construction of a tunnel in between Sadhna top.

The Protesters from various sections including students, doctors, teachers and businessmen while raising anti-government slogans said that their safety, economy and development are linked with the construction of the tunnel, “we have been kept under for walls and government has never bothered about us as, “said Khwaja Mansoor, a retired headmaster from Karnah.

“Whole Karnah area is in melancholy and grief over the death of eleven people, “if our voices are not being heard by the authorities we will hit the streets again and even go from Jammu to Delhi to make our voices heard,” said a protestor Khushal Ahmad,.

“During elections, every political party promises us the tunnel is in their manifestos but once elections are over, tall claims appear to be hollow,” he added.



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