KAS Being Reviewed Alongside IAS, says Government



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Education Minister Naeem Akhter Monday said that the governmnet is reviewing the KAS cadre along side the IAS to ensure the two services complement each other.

Speaking to the media after the cabinet meeting, Akhter said the mandatory review of IAS cadre is once-a-five-year exercise but the cabinet decided it will review the KAS cadre as well. “The idea is to have a right balance,” he said. Two IAS offiers, however, were given senior scale.

Asked about the government thinking over the KPS cadre facing a sort of ‘choking’ situation as allegations are around that IPS cadre is taking over the best of the postings, Akhter said he will update himself and respond to it as early as possible. The cabinet meeting that literally overhauled the civil services skipped touching the police.

Akhter said some of the officers were shifted prematurely. “This is against the policy of the governmnet but these were compulsions,” Akhter said. “Some officers who were holding positions in additional charge were touched and that triggered a chain.” At least two top officers B B Vyas and B R Sharma were holding additional charge and the return of some IAS officers resulted in the changes, he said.


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