Kashmir Bar meets Sinha led delegation

Yeshwant Sinha led team at Agha Hasan;'s residence
Yeshwant Sinha led team at Agha Hasan;’s residence

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High Court Bar Association had a meeting with a group of “Concerned Citizen Collective” at Taj Hotel Srinagar. The said group was composed of five persons namely Tapan Bose, Dinash Mohan, Navsharan Singh, Harsh Mander and Pamela Philipose, Public Editor, The Wire.

According to Bar statement the Executive committee members explained to the aforesaid group of five persons the historical background of the Kashmir problem and the reign of terror let loose by the Indian forces in Kashmir, in which during the past five months more than 100 civilians have been killed, 1155 blinded, more than twenty two thousand injured and more than 12 arrested and detained in the police station and interrogation centres. They were also told that the Indian leaders both inside and outside the parliament have promised plebiscite in the state of J&K to allow the people to decide about their future but they have not kept their promise and for the last 70 years they have adopted all repressive measures to deprive the people to exercise their right of self-determination.

Bar statement said the committee told the visiting delegation that there are Security Council Resolutions on the issue of Kashmir which require both India and Pakistan to hold plebiscite in the State of Kashmir but while as the Pakistan has always shown its readiness to abide by the UN Security Council resolutions but India has refused to do so. They were also told that India and Pakistan are today at the brick of war and if both the countries go to war, it will devastate whole of the sub-continent and cause miseries to the people of India, Pakistan and Kashmir, as they are both nuclear.

“They were also told that the people of Kashmir who are fighting the war of liberation for the last 70 years are determined to take their struggle to its logical end at all costs and it is therefore, better for the Indian Government to understand the ground reality of Kashmir and take concrete steps to allow the people to exercise their right of self-determination so that there is peace and tranquility in the sub-continent,” the statement said. “They were also told that Pakistan is a necessary party to the dispute and without Pakistan no permanent solution can be found to the Kashmir problem. They were also told that the struggle of the people of Kashmir in indigenous and it is not sponsored by anyone and it is therefore, bound to succeed. They were also told that the Indian civil society must play its role effectively and pressurize India to settle the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the wishes of people of Kashmir as early as possible as it will be beneficial to all the people of the sub-continent.”


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